The Kitchen Bathroom Renovation group offers the service of interior design before the renovation. Unless you are only making minor renovations of the bathroom such as installing a few ceramic tiles or repairing a round bath, investing in renovating a kitchen and/or a bathroom is an important choice and in order to maximize investment it is best to call in a specialist from the Kitchen Bathroom Renovation group to bring a special touch and detail in interior design that will completely transform your bathroom or kitchen at home.

Our designers have been trained for several years in interior design and are at your disposal to start the renovation process on the right foot by first determining your taste, look for materials and economical ideas, make drawings, sketches and plans, and estimates that will be used to present them to the RBQ licensed and experienced general contractor to offer a bid of renovations work to carry out in the kitchen or bathroom.

Everything starts from an idea or a design concept that has matured in your head and that you want to clarify on paper drawings, plans and an estimate for renovation. This is the stage of creating the interior design of the kitchen or the bathroom. You may probably already have some ideas in mind or you want to leave everything to a specialist to design the kitchen and the bathroom. In any of these cases the interior designer knows his job and will greatly help not only to determine the interior design aspect but also to find the best materials and to better organize the work of renovation and even help and guide the general contractor.

Our experts in interior design will make sketches by hand or on the computer in 3D perspective in order to visualize well the proposed kitchen or bathroom in order to move from your ideas in your mind into the concept of interior design and finally into achieving the renovation.

Quite often, the interior designer becomes a project manager in addition to doing the design. Three essential elements are part of the project management: being on budget, respecting timelines and quality. One also relies a lot on worksite safety in first order in addition to the good relationship and working environment between all professionals and workers.

The interior designer is the person who was able to understand you, listen to you and develop your ideas from the first moments of the design of your kitchen or bathroom project and you want him to continue this support. He has your confidence. The interior design is materialized gradually under the direction and responsibility of the general contractor for renovation, certainly, but with an eye for detail, and the imaginative and creative direction of the interior designer.

Little is said about the relational function of the interior designer. It is important that the interior designer is a very good communicator. His talent for interior design is of course important, but as he is the person who speaks on your behalf and is constantly in touch with all the professionals such as contractors, architects, manufacturers, suppliers, ... that person becomes an ambassador for your kitchen or bathroom project. The interior design revolves around this talented communicator who knows how to make and accept his ideas as well as being able to balance your budget with the contingencies of the worksite. Somehow the designer is like a creative negotiator of ideas, budget and quality.

The proper execution of the interior design therefore often depends on the good relationship between the designer with the contractor and other professionals and manufacturers. In your interior design project it is a great advantage to find a complete team in design and renovation such as Kitchen Bathroom Renovation which is accustomed to working together in harmony.
Whether it is to undertake small or large works in design and renovation of the kitchen or the bathroom you can count on us.

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